About us

What is M3Dimensions?

Our core purpose is helping surgeons and patients alike to minimize their time in the Operating Room by creating and collaborating for high-quality, precise, and patient specific solutions. By committing ourselves to constant innovation, research and development, M3Dimensions is perpetually leading medical 3D modeling.


Prepare for Perfection.

What drives us

M3Dimensions is founded on one simple principle: taking uncertainty out of surgery. We believe no patient should be denied access to technologies that improve the surgical experience. M3D has worked tirelessly to develop a system which gives any surgeon access to high quality, patient specific models and tools to ensure a faster and safer procedure. By combining our industry expertise with the efficiency of rapid manufacturing technologies, we are proud to offer our customers a cost effective and accuracy driven service. We’ve made it our mission to tailor our services to as diverse a range of customers as possible, human and animal, in order to have an extensive impact.

Please reach out to learn more at info@m3dimensions.com- we look forward to meeting you and sharing our passion!

Meet the team

The M3D team is molded from a talented group with diverse backgrounds. We gathered some of the best minds in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering/material science, computer science, and design. Through meeting during our undergraduate studies at Rochester Institute of Technology, we have become a tight-knit group of driven individuals with a desire to change the landscape of surgical planning. We have seamlessly integrated our strengths; our diversity in skills allows us to remain agile, while our shared passion for our mission allows us to focus on our common goal of making surgery safer and simpler.

Sean Bellefeuille
Co-Founder / CEO

Biomedical Engineering

William Byron
Co-Founder / CTO

Biomedical Engineering

Jacob Pincus
Chief Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Tech

Michael Campbell
Dir. of Business Development


Louis DiOrio
Chief IT Engineer

Computing IT

Cristofer Sochacki
Chief Information Officer

Computing Security

John Lyons
Lead Designer

Graphic Design